Jobsearchondemand.com is career portal that offers a cost-effective virtual training solution for job-seekers: unemployed, under employed, and employed. Active candidates and passive candidates are trained, on how to gain traction in their job search or career development goals.

The job-seeker training is conducted in real-time by current or former recruiters, HR professionals and or career coaches. We teach each trainee, how to leverage social media tools to market their resume via online social experiences; and, how to become a job-seeker brand ambassador, and how to become the perfect candidate for an employer’s: Employment Branding campaigns!

During each training session, we offer viable job leads to our trainees that, are submitted to our trainers by HR Professionals and our Procurement Partners.

Our training is where each trainee, will find the path to your new job! Learn how to get your resume posted to 90-plus social networking platforms; and, how to speak to a recruiter;and, most importantly,-how to go from- phone screen-to-hired!

Here’s what a trainee will receive for $10.99, the use of an online job-seeker job-search marketing profile and a real-time 1-hour training session conducted by qualified and or seasoned instructor! So how does that sound to you? If you like what you’ve read, let’s get started!

Please visit http://on.fb.me/IAftCN: on FaceBook and click on the green button for Job-Seeker Training section on our training platform to find out how to sign up for training, and for mobile users click here: http://l.inkto.it/jit4http://l.inkto.it/jit4, and LIKE US after you’ve registered?

Please note that space is limited to 25-participants per session, so register as soon as possible!

If you cannot find any available training sessions, please email our Wait List Relations Department: waitlistrelations@jobsearchondemand.com?

Make certain that you include the following:
Your Name:
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